Recovery Cafe DC Founders’ Response to Systemic Racism

As African American founders of Recovery Cafe DC, we identify with and recognize the pain and feelings of fatigue over the injustices we face every day. Recovery Cafe DC stands against all acts of violence and injustices against Black Americans like George Floyd, Justin Howell, Trayvon Martin, Breonna Taylor, Alton Sterling, Freddie Gray and countless others, including our Cafe Members.

We too, carry the scars of racism that infiltrates our everyday life. It’s that cumulative experience, stretched over generations that contributes to the latest protests throughout our nation. When the voices of generations of Black Americans have gone unheard for so long, marching and protesting are the minimum needed to dismantle unjust systems.

We pray that the death of George Floyd will be an inflection point for each and every one of us to not only say something but do something to be a part of the solution to uproot the systemic racism that is alive and well. This is Recovery Cafe DC’s commitment and we welcome you to join us.

Stay strong and be blessed!


Donald and Jacqueline Conerly

Founders, Recovery Cafe DC

Ward 8, Southeast, Washington, DC




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Recovery Café Network